Racing, recovery and Altra

2 months since my last post, I have to admit I’ve probably been spending more time in the car than in the kitchen. The past 2 months have been filled with work and running and races. Not that I’m complaining, I love traveling to races and running in beautiful mountains.

My first announcement is the most exciting: I have been selected to be an ambassador for Altra in France.

Badge Ambassadeurs 2014 2015I have been watching this brand for a while and when I found out they were looking for ambassadors in France, I was super excited! While I like the concept of their shoes that are zero-drop and actually have room for your toes, I loved the fact that the creators are runners passionate about creating something for runners. I’ve just started testing out the Intuition 1.5 this week around the city and am super excited to test out the Superior 1.5 on the trails in September. Oh, and as an added-bonus, these shoes are vegan friendly!

The Intuition 1.5 taking a tour around Paris plage

As for racing, it’s been literally up and down. I decided not to write a post about my Mont Blanc Marathon experience because I thought it would be too negative and I wanted to try to get past it as soon as possible. Anytime you put a lot of time and effort into something and it seems to sort of fall apart, it’s a disappointment. Also, the steep technical downhills in the mud through the forest — can’t say I was a fan. I figured more than 7 hours of running in the rain is probably enough to make anyone crazy though, so I tried just to let it go.

The month that followed I felt awful, my legs were completely zapped the rest of the month. It seemed like my iron levels had gone way down again after the race too, which was bad news because I had signed up for the EDF Cenis Tour 30k just a month later. (Turns out a month isn’t that long.)

The week of the race I started feeling a bit better, but on the day of I was really short of breath and my lungs didn’t open up until nearly 1h in (after everyone had already flown past). It was raining again, but instead of being disappointed like I was at Mont Blanc, I decided just to go with the flow, take in the incredible views and enjoy being in the mountains. That attitude paid off and I ended up passing a ton of people in the second half of the race — staying relaxed, drifting happily down the mountain singing a little song to myself and splashing through the cool streams crossing the trail.

Views at EDF Mont Cenis race – incredible

Mont Cenis: a tough race, but overall a good day

Since the race I’ve started to take Floradix (liquid iron) and really focusing on getting the right nutrients in my body (instead of just munching on baguettes). One of my favorite things this past week has been some green banana smoothies. I add a bit of spinach, which gives it the fun green color and a bit of an iron boost.

I really just throw in there whatever I have on hand and I don’t measure it so I can’t really give a “recipe”  as much as just some inspiration. It’s usually some combo of vanilla soy milk (or soy yogurt) + frozen banana slices + spinach. I like it because it gets me through the morning without slipping into a runger rage and I feel better than if I eat toast or oatmeal. Cherries are also a great way to reduce inflammation after a race and I’ve been eating them by the handfuls for dessert!

The last thing I have to announce is I have signed up (and started training) for the SaintéLyon race in December. If you’re not familiar with it, let me just put it like this: 72km, in the snow, starts at midnight. I’ve been wanting to do this race for a while now and am glad I finally had the courage to sign up. Should be a fun way to kick off the holiday season.

Photo Courtesy of Trails Endurance Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Trails Endurance Magazine

For the complete schedule of races this fall/winter check out my “Race Calendar” page.


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