Mont Blanc Marathon : Video Recap

So usally in races I’m having a good time, which is why I hesitate to share this video… I don’t want to give a false impression. Worse, I fear that impression could be that I’m an angry runner. You know, those people that are puffing and making audible noises of discomfort during the whole thing. Usually I’m chatting and laughing, but I have to admit that after 7 hours of running in the rain + mud, I cracked.

I’m going to share it anyway though because I think the rough times are a part of running, like life, and not to share them would also give a false impression. As a final note, I just want to say that both Alexei and I laughed last night at several moments in this video… the rain, the mud, the moments of doubt. Although sunshine and rainbows would have been preferable, these moments too have there charm.


2 thoughts on “Mont Blanc Marathon : Video Recap

  1. I love this video!

    First so so so so impressed you completed the marathon especially in those conditions. What a huge achievement!

    I’ve totally been there too thinking that everyone is lying to me about the finish line. At the Redbull Steeplechase we could see the next steeple but the course did a few turns to get into the courtyard and I literally swore at everyone I could see in those 20 extra metres about the extra distance. 🙂 Even us happy runners have our moments!

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