VeganOut in Paris : Class is in session!

It’s difficult to meet people in Paris, especially other vegetarians/vegans. I had been looking into joining some groups and then spotted a vegan cooking class hosted by the French Vegetarian Association (Association Végétarienne de France). I saw they were having a class on “superaliments” (or “superfoods”),  something I have been wanting to learn more about and I called my boyfriend to see if he wanted to tag along. Just like that, our Thursday night was planned.

We arrived at the wonderful Ôna Maiocco‘s atelier in the heart of the 18th district. She started by explaining to us the uses and benefits of various foods like seaweed, flax and miso in our daily cooking. She was also full of cookbook recommendations, some of which she had for sale. If I had an unlimited amount of money, I probably would have bought all of them! But alas, there is rent and taxes to pay, Paris isn’t cheap…

Before too long it was time to start preparing the food. On the menu was a delicious, creamy salad dressing, a seaweed spaghetti and even some oatmeal cookies.

All hands on deck: preparing a delicious dinner

All hands on deck: preparing a delicious salad


Cookies in the process.


Coconut for the cookies.

Fruity seaweed spread

Fruity seaweed spread, ready to be eaten!

Once all the food was prepared, we set up the tables and chairs in the atelier to make a long Italian-style table and enjoy the dinner together. Lots of interesting conversation and good times. I did make a photo of the final plate and everything we made, but for some strange reason the camera bugged and they came out as weird garbly goop. So, you will just have to attend a workshop yourself to see what the end result is! (The next one is June 26 – all the info can be found here: Jeudi Veggie).

Table set for a nice evening

Table set for a nice evening


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