VeganOut in Zurich: Tidbits and Skiing

When you travel do you seek out vegan restaurants or try to go to a typical local restaurant? We did both while in Zurich, where we stopped over on our way to skiing in Ischgl. Usually here in Europe I can only get a salad at a non-vegan restaurant, so I was pretty excited Sunday morning when we headed over to Tidbits for a buffet before departing for the Austrian Alps.


Alexei’s dish – topped off with a stuffed jalepeño! Was difficult to get good photos in the low lighting.

The dishes are clearly labeled vegan or vegetarian, although it’s less clear is how much you will pay for filling up your plate. You are charged by weight, which I never really like, but at the same time it probably kept me from over-piling my plate and bursting out of my ski pants.


My dish – lentils and tofu, roasted potatoes, kale salad, apple and tofu salad, a date and some bread

We both took a freshly-made carrot/apple/ginger juice to wash down all the food, which set us back an extra €10. If there is one thing I learned about Zurich in the 24 hours that we were there, it’s that it’s expensive. In fact, it is the costliest city in the world to visit. If we were rich, we would have visited Zurich’s first (and Europe’s oldest) vegan restaurant, Hiltl, but we weren’t ready to throw down €100 on a meal.

Overall, I would recommend Tidbits’ Seefeld location. While the service was not especially friendly and the prices seemed a bit high, the quality of the food and relaxing atmosphere were both excellent.


Checking out the options.

A variety of vegetarian and vegan options

A variety of vegetarian and vegan options

In the end I was glad we loaded up on the healthy food. Since when did food on the slopes become unhealthy junk?? It was a wonderful 5 days of non-stop skiing, nobody got hurt and we’re trying to figure out when we can make it to the mountains again — maybe for some ski touring!


Alexei showing off his pro skills


Enjoying some hot wine on the last day


Making my way down some moguls


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