VeganOut in Paris: Café Ginger

This one had been on my list for a long time and my only regret was that I didn’t get to it sooner. Café Ginger has to be one of the best places for vegan eating I have been to so far. It’s the perfect combination of classy and unpretentious, with an excellent location in the 4th arrondissement just next to Bastille.

I suggest consulting their Facebook page for periodic closings due to holidays and random events, but it’s usually open Mon – Sun: 12:30 – 17:00 and Friday-Sunday night for dinner.

We took a guest staying at our apartment, and who also happened to be vegetarian, with us on a Friday night to try it out (more people = more desserts to try!). No one in our party was disappointed, although the menu at €22 was a bit too much food for her. (My runger got me through it just fine).

The set menu consists of a juice or soup, followed by a tart with a variety of dishes and finally a dessert. We all went for the carrot, apple, fennel juice, which did not disappoint. Usually I would have mixed-feelings about throwing fennel in a drink (or much of anything), but you couldn’t taste it and the texture was delicious.

Soon thereafter we received our plates with our tarts of choice.


My dish of choice, a nutty filling wrapped in a cabbage leaf. Delicious and gluten-free 🙂


I let Alexei take the last pumpkin/mushroom tart. It was good, because I didn’t even get to try a bite.


the accompaniments were equally delicious, nothing bland!!


Inside my gluten-free tart. Mmmm!!

Then came my favorite time, dessert time!! I took the “choco shock” and Alexei got the apple crumble. Our guest got the “triomisu” but I didn’t manage to take any good photos of it. I can tell you that they were all delicious. The crumble part of the apple crumble was just a little bit strange as it was basically museli and  some crunch bits made the texture slightly different than my brain was expecting.

DSC_7151 DSC_7156

Overall, I have no complaints for this restaurant. The service was great, the prices are on par with Parisian dining and best of all the food was delicious! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, vegan or not!


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