Vegan banana bread & week 5 marathon training

Usually when I bake things I get them pretty close to right on the first try. If it’s not perfect, it’s at least pretty good and I make a mental note of what to add or take away for the next time I make it. Before I was eating vegan, I made banana bread with eggs & oil. 60% of the time it worked every time. With the vegan varieties, I haven’t been so lucky…


The top is perfect… towards the bottom it gets too moist.

I was sure this one was going to turn out right. Instead of using a vegan recipe, I used a non-vegan recipe and substituted vegan ingredients (because what could go wrong there?) Just look at this “chia egg:”


Chia egg: 1tbs chia + 3tbs of water (x2 seen here)

The truth is, it is actually really tasty, but the texture still isn’t right. In my opinion, banana bread should be light and fluffy, like… you know… bread! So if you have any vegan banana bread recipes that are foolproof (me being the fool) please send them my way!!


In any event, it’s still a delicious treat for breakfast!

As far as marathon training went, the highlights of the week were running in the rain on Wednesday morning (so fun) and a 16-mi group long run on Saturday, even though my stomach shut down at the end.


Tuesday’s track workout was also exciting… running 7:30/mi felt like no big deal, something I haven’t felt for a while (i.e. post iron meltdown). I skipped Thursday’s workout for various reasons, but mainly because I knew I was going to switch my long run to Saturday. In the end I was glad I did because Friday was a bit faster than I was expecting. Sunday was a ridiculous and stupid mistake that I don’t want to talk about…

Monday: Off


AM – 3x Mile @ 7:30
PM: 3mi easy

Wednesday: 4mi in the rain. No watch. Fun!

Thursday: Off (skipped 7mi run, not feeling great & decision to move long run up)

Friday:  7mi @ 8:35/mi avg. Right quad sore again… thanks for the massages Alexei.

Saturday: 16mi at 9:30 pace with group. First & last miles really difficult w/ stomach. (2 gels + 1 piece PB bread)

Sunday: 1mi walk w/ Alexei, 800m barefoot on track (burnt & blistered feet). Oops. Hobbled home, feet ok to run on Monday.

Total: 36 mi


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