Terrific Tuesday: track training & tofu tasties

Today was a great day!! It started out with me getting 100 more bonus points by again being the first one to show up at the track. It opens at 7:00… and I promise I didn’t get there right at 7:00, but for some reason no one else seems to get there before 7:15. It’s open, LET’S RUN!!


Sun rising on the track

Okay, maybe I’m a bit too excited, but I really am a masochist like mile repeats. Also, you can see the Eiffel Tower from my track… just a little bit of inspiration.

Shameless selfie

Shameless selfie. To think I looked worse after… oh well.

The workout was 3 x 1mile. I was planning to do them around 8:00, but then ended up going around 7:30 pace and just went with it because I was feeling good.  When I got home, I ate some coco puffs & almond milk (oh yeahhh) and took a nap…


When I woke up I saw an email from my HR manager that they FINALLY received the necessary paperwork for my status change (I was changing my visa from student to employee – a long, hellish, complicated process) and I could come back to work (after a 2-week hiatus)!! YIPEEE!!

But enough about running and all that, this is still a vegan blog and I should share some vegan food with you!! Leftovers are always a good option, especially after running home. Yesterday I had more time and made those delicious vegan summer rolls I posted a while ago. Well, we had some peanut sauce leftover (I honestly don’t know how because it’s so amazing). I thought I would try to mix it with some soba noodles, tofu and broccoli as I had not consumed much protein during the day (remember the coco puffs?) and had ran twice (ran home from work to sneak in some mileage/ avoid the metro).

Tofu, broccoli & soba noodles covered in a delicious peanut sauce

Tofu, broccoli & soba noodles covered in a delicious peanut sauce

I made this in less than 10 minutes, since the peanut sauce was leftover. While about half a cup of soba noodles were boiling, I cooked the broccoli & tofu in some walnut oil on the stovetop over medium heat until they looked finished. When everything was ready, I mixed it all together with the peanut sauce. Positively delicious and I could not think of a better way to end this terrific Tuesday!

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