Marathon training week 4: growing pains & drinks on the Seine

Last week was kind of up and down as far as training goes. It was still pretty hot out for most of the week, which seems to be the cause of an angry stomach. In terms of weather, this week should be a lot better. A little worried because I have started to have strange aches and pains. Like on Tuesday I decided to substitute cross-training in the pool for running because my Achilles and right knee both felt kind of strange. Not bad or hurting, but kind of strange. On Saturday I ran with a group which went a lot faster than I’m used to (more on that below) and then biked 10 miles later in the day. That might not have been the best decision as come Sunday morning I felt completely unmotivated and had a giant knot in my right quad. On the bright side, we spent a lazy day in the Parc de Bagatelle on Sunday and then I negotiated with Alexei to massage the giant leg knot in return for ironing his work shirts. Score.


Saturday on the Seine

Training recap:

Monday: off
Tuesday:  4mi with 4x hills (aka run up a giant bridge b/c I live in the city). Legs & core still tired from Sunday’s 14-miler, but ok overall.
Wednesday: Skipped a 4 mile run and went to the pool. Swim + aquajog for 35 mins. Aquajog felt more boring and more difficult than I remember.
Thursday: 7mi run with negative splits & last mile easy. Hot, stomach problems; 9:00/mi average pace.
Friday: 7mi run. Only slept 4h the night before. Too hot for anything interesting during the run. 9:06/mi average pace.
Saturday: 4mi run with group. Finally a bit cooler. Started at 8:00/mi pace, too fast but hoping it will get easier. Finished with 8:26/mi avg.
Sunday: Completely unmotivated. 8mi run scheduled. Completed 6mi after right quad started really hurting… hoping this is a sign of progress?

Total: 28-mi + cross-training.


Biking over to the quai for some refreshments


Soda water + syrup. A refreshing drink on Saturday by the Seine.


Mmm that’s nice! Watching the people go by as I enjoy my icy beverage.

Training with a group (for the first time in a lonnng time) was definitely the highlight of the week. It was so motivating to be with other people that love running and talk about nothing but running the whole morning. The guys I ran with are all faster than me, but they were nice enough to slow down after about two miles of killing me. I’m hoping so much that I can run 8:00/mi pace on a training run by the spring and it be no big deal. There is so much more I want from running and I finally feel like I’m really getting back into it. For now, however, my main goal is to break 4h00 in the marathon this fall. When I say it, it just doesn’t seem that hard. When I think about that last 10k and how bad it hurts, however, I know it won’t be easy.

More vegan recipes/reviews on the way!!!


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