Marathon training week 3: “Oh, I can go faster?”

This week was full of stomach problems and naps. Waiting on a work document from the French government had me out of work this week (not too happy about that, but trying to go with the flow), so I tried to use it to my advantage to get some extra nap-time in, but decided not to increase my mileage, which actually ended up decreasing thanks to the GI problems.

In other news, I booked my hotels for the Nice-Cannes marathon (trying to decide if I should take one after Amiens or just suck it up and drive back).

This guy wasn’t the only one trying to keep cool. Luckily, the temperatures dropped at the end of this week.

Without further ado:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 6 x 400s @ 5k pace. AM run. Stayed under 1:50, pretty consistent; 1:30 rest.  Headache & upset stomach later in the day

Wednesday: 4mi PM run in Vibrams w/o watch; legs felt good, stomach still iffy and required walking last 1/2 mile

Thursday: 6mi (PM) declining splits run w/ group. Only lasted 2.59 mi, 3.59 w/ warmup. Stomach totally messed up, felt horrible and upset.

Friday: 0mi, skipped  6mi run to let stomach heal.

Saturday: 3mi. Overslept, felt drained in the beginning. Hot. No watch. Felt better towards the end.

Sunday: 14mi. No motivation whatsoever, but dragged myself out the door at 6:30am, mainly because it was cooler.  Ran 9:15 avg (15 sec too fast) with last 2mi @ 8:30 (also 15 sec too fast). Discovered I can go faster than I thought, especially when my stomach is ok.

Luckily, storms brought cooler weather at the end of the week.

Some storms brought cooler weather at the end of the week.

: As much as I would like evening runs to work for me, they just don’t. Obviously the biggest problem is my stomach hates running with food already on it (although eating while running seems not to bother it at all). The other problem involves scheduling. There are not many obligations at 6am, which makes it the perfect time to run. At the same time, all the group runs here are in the evenings, which is pretty frustrating as I would love to have people to run with.

+:  This week’s best moment was definitely at the end of Sunday’s long run. I was feeling pretty tired from miles 9 – 12 and wondering how I was going to carry out my plan to do the last 2 miles @ 8:45. It turned out not to be a big deal though and I found out I’m capable of running faster than I thought at the end of a long run. It must have been all the naps.

Total miles: ~28

Next week’s goal: Increase mileage; break 50min if run 10k on Sunday

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