VeganOut in Paris: Vegan Folie’s (cupcakes!!!)

Did you know cupcakes are banned in New York City schools? I agree that cupcakes are not the healthiest food, especially when they are made with a ton of eggs and butter, but can’t imagine growing up without them. For me, they were always the highlight of bake sales or class birthdays. Maybe my association of them with “fun” led me to seek out a delicious vegan cupcake after a relatively boring week of waiting on documents from the French government. First we passed by the bookstore to pick up some literary entertainment:


I just finished Running with the Kenyans, which left me yearning for another travel book. I was trying not to go for something that involved running, but it happened anyway and I picked up De Dakar à Paris by Pierre Cherruau. After, we hopped on the metro and headed over to Vegan Folie’s for the cupcakes… we managed to make our way up Rue Mouffetard by 4pm and when I arrived at the restaurant’s window I saw this (and panicked):


There were people in front of us and all I could think was, “aaaah what if they order all the cupcakes?!?!” I now realize this was completely irrational, but hey, I had my hopes up for this cupcake.


Ok, deep breath, going in…

I can’t say much for the interior of Vegan Folie’s except that it was hot (no A/C or fan and it was steamy outside ) and that they have dedicated way too much floorspace for selling and virtually none for customers. In fact, there are only two seats placed beneath a table attached to the wall. We wouldn’t let our rare cupcake experience be ruined by this small setback, however, so we walked a few hundred meters to a local park and found an empty bench.


The Choc Norris II – even more delicious than it looks

Through a strange and inexplicable twist of events I accidentally switched our cupcakes. I ordered the cupcake of the day (banana & pear) and got the “Choc Norris” for Alexei. I was not disappointed with my Choc Norris cupcake and Alexei seemed to enjoy the cupcake of the day, so it all worked out.


Cupcake of the day – banana/pear

The  cupcakes themselves are pretty good, but the chocolate frosting is to die for. I don’t know how they are doing it (my guess is rice milk & margarine), but even the usually sweets-averse Alexei loved it.


Mmm that’s good


On a hot summer day it’s best to wash it down with a cold drink.

Overall, I would highly recommend these cupcakes, even if you’re not vegan. They are €4 per cupcake, or €32 for ten, which is a pretty good deal in Paris. On the flip side, you might want to order them for to-go as the ambiance isn’t up to usual Parisian standards. The restaurant also serves sandwiches and can make personal cakes, and everything is 100% vegan.  Finally, their Facebook page is pretty active, so bonus points there.

Overall score: 3/5 (The cupcakes were great and they sell other great products, but major loss of points for the lack of interior)

Contact info:
Address: 53 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, France
Phone: 01 43 37 21 89


5 thoughts on “VeganOut in Paris: Vegan Folie’s (cupcakes!!!)

  1. I don’t know how that gorgeous Choc Norris cupcake could possibly be even more delicious than it looks! My human mommy recently read about a new vegan bakery in our little-not-so-forward-thinking-at-all-times town. Exciting news! After seeing these delicious cupcakes, our new bakery is going to be a must for this week!

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