Marathon training week 2: fighting the heat

Here is a brief summary of what happened this week. Pretty difficult overall & hoping next week I do better with the heat:

Monday: off


AM: 5 mi farlek. 5x3min @10k pace; one of the most difficult runs this year, felt like I was moving backward, pain in lower L shin

PM: 30 min jog with Alexei, felt much better

Wednesday: 3mi PM run; w/ Alexei, felt really good; last mile in 8:48 no problem

Thursday: 6mi AM run; Super hard, warm & legs tired; only made it through 5 miles; feel like a wimp

Friday: 6mi trail run in Meudon, 200m D+; Embarrassingly slow; added mile jog to warm down, get to station.

2013-07-19 07.10.29

Saturday: Jogged w/ Alexei for 25mins in late morning; pretty hot, but legs felt better than expected (hurt when I woke up); 2.66 mi

Sunday: Long run, 12mi with attempt at last 5mi @ marathon pace. Brutal heat, heat rash on feet as evidence; Left at 6:30am; Avg pace 9:15/mi; Attempt at last 5 mi fast impossible; Really uneven splits. Paris smells like urine on Sunday mornings, really disgusting. Ate a piece of bread with PB at halfway, which worked well. Went through 2 bottles of water, half drinking, half pouring it over myself.

Total: 38.6mi/62.1km

+: getting out every day
-: dealing with the heat
Next week’s goal: push through the tough weather

Currently reading Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the secrets of the fastest people on earth. Not sure if this was a good idea or not because I’ve never felt slower.


3 thoughts on “Marathon training week 2: fighting the heat

    • Thanks for your comment. Most of the times it is pretty awesome, but this morning I didn’t love it. The whole city looked like a battlefield of people passed out from a Saturday night of drinking… and apparently they all took a leak on the sidewalk before they passed out. Mega gross.. I’m pretty jealous of that special Biltmore wine you got at Asheville!

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