Mont Blanc 10k and vegan summer rolls

Summer started off very slowly in here in France, with lots of rain. By the end of June I think we were all wondering if there would be any summer, or if we would just pass directly into fall with our coats still on our backs (secretly, that would have been fine with me). With July, however, came the heat. I can’t say it’s my favorite season, but I suppose it’s a nice change.

Back in June I did a 10km race in Chamonix, France. It turned out to be one of my favorite races of all time and watching the marathon the next day made me really want to do two things. One, live in the Alps. Two, race the Mont Blanc Marathon next year. Maybe the second one will be realized, but for now I’m staying in Paris … something about having a job and realizing I’m not a sponsored athlete.


Before the start of the 10k. 4 degrees C and raining. Not cool.


Crossing the finish line of the 10k, it ended up being a LOT of fun, despite the weather.


Mud. A sign of success? I think so.


One of my favorite runners, Emelie Forsberg, at the start of last climb of the Mont Blanc Marathon. She’s always smiling, such an inspiration!!


Before leaving on Sunday. So inspired to sign up for the Marathon next year!

While the trip to the Alps was awesome, what happened after was not so awesome. I got my first cold since adapting a vegan diet… I think it was partially due to some work-related stress and partially due to standing around in the rain/cold all weekend. I missed a day and a half of work and the beginning of fall marathon training, but seem to be coming back around (finally) as of this week.

With this new season we seem to be eating a lot of asian food, soba noodles have become a quick favorite. These summer rolls from Oh She Glows were also a a huge hit. The peanut sauce should be labeled “DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS.”


Ingredients prepared


Rice wrapper and filling ready to be rolled


The most delicious summer rolls ever. Totally vegan!!


Super dangerously delicious peanut lime sauce.

That’s about it so far for the summer… we did make a short trip to Epernay to see the Moët & Chandon cellars, but all I can show you from that trip is this photo:


Champagne + Me = Fun

Finally, fall marathon training has started. If you want to see what I’m up to (training is going to be like never before) check out my page “Current Training.”

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