VeganOut in Vienna: Makro1

This post is also delayed, it might be like this for a bit as I shift to the new job. Anything that is not a “top priority” (e.g. cooking dinner, doing laundry, brushing my teeth) in off-work hours simply does not appear on the checklist. Unfortunately, blogging is not something that is required to live (by most standards), so it has been low on the priority list. I’m trying my best though, so keep checking in…

On to the review:

While I was in Vienna for the marathon we ate at a great vegan restaurant for lunch the day after I finished my 42km journey. I really believe that post-marathon (or other long race) the most important part of recovery is the day after. So, I did some research prior to flying to Vienna (mainly on HappyCow, which is a great vegan/vegetarian resource) and found some good reviews on Makro1, which is located within the city center.


flower-shaped water fountain in the courtyard

First of all, the atmosphere of the restaurant is great. It happened to be nice out and we sat outside. It’s located in a courtyard beside a buddhist association center. This, plus a lovely stone water fountain located in the courtyard, gives the whole area a very calm vibe.


The menu + announcement of a vegan cooking course

The menu was set, meaning there was one price and no hassle of choosing. The first course was a parsnip soup. I have never had parsnips any way but cooked in an oven or mashed like potatoes and so this was a wonderful way to re-discover parsnip.

The main dish was also quite delicious. It consisted of bulgur with herbs, marinated cauliflower, cabbage in tomato sauce, red lentils and lettuce. My only complaint would be that the bulgur and cauliflower were slightly bland, and I didn’t love the way they cut the lettuce (but I’m kind of particular about my lettuce), but overall it was good.


the main course


I smell my food.

The restaurant also serves as a small shop during and outside of restaurant hours, selling vegetables and other wonderful vegan products. The prices seemed reasonable, but we were limited on luggage space as we had already stocked up on Austrian syrups and wine.

If you are in Vienna, I would definitely recommend taking a break from the apple strudel long enough to visit this place.You can find it at Fleischmarkt 16, 1010 Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately, their website is down, but they are open Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm and serve lunch between 11:30am and 2:30pm. The price of the menu was €8.50.


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