Race Report: Vienna City Marathon

So this race report is late. Sorry about that…  I haven’t been writing anything for mostly good reasons though. The week of the marathon I had an interview in London, found out I got hired in Paris and literally started my job Tuesday after flying back on Monday. I had been tracking the Boston race on our layover in Germany before the first women had finished and was completely stunned when I woke up for my first day of work to find out how it finished. (Another reason I have not been writing may be that I was at a complete loss for words for a day or two).

ready to go...

ready to go…

Another interesting thing that happened involved the weather. It’s been freezing in Europe all winter, a long winter that has lasted well into “spring.” On race day, however, it decided to jump up from freezing to 20 degrees C (70F). My body was not at all ready for that kind of heat change and I generally don’t do well with hot temperatures. (I left Florida for a reason!) I tried to make the best of it and just poured a bunch of water over myself during the race, but it definitely slowed me down.


warm up

The race starts over a bridge and my first mistake, even though I was trying my best to go as slow as possible, was going out too fast. My first 4 miles were around 8:30/mi pace, but I felt good. I kept reminding myself it was a 26.2 mile journey though… eventually that soaked in. I crossed the half-way point in two hours and 41 seconds.

Love this photo, I don't know who that guy is on the left, but I'm happy for him.

Love this photo. I don’t know who that guy is on the left, but I’m happy for him.

The rest of the race mainly consisted of me searching for water sources to pour over myself, explaining to people with awkward hand gestures that I don’t speak German and looking for Alexei.

Haile, so fast.

Haile, so fast.

At mile 20 there was music blasting on the otherwise relatively empty race course. Taylor Swift came on and I started singing and dancing out loud… I figured anyone crazy enough to sign up for a marathon would understand. I was surprised how good I was feeling, but that feeling quickly faded about 2 miles later. Those last 4 miles seemed incredibly long and were by far the slowest. When I realized I was not going to break four hours, I sort of gave up a bit and that’s the only part of the race that I regret.

Arriving at the finish line

Arriving at the finish line

My second half was considerably slower, in two hours and ten minutes and I crossed the finish line in 4h11. About 12 minutes slower than I wanted, but I felt sort of ambivalent considering the heat (and that I had to wait a minute at several water stations). I told myself it was the first one in a few years and I could try again in the fall. Then I spent about 30 minutes trying to find my meet-up point with Alexei. Somehow my orientation skills had diminished over the past 4 hours. Then it was time for chocolate cake (probably not vegan, but it tasted like the best thing on earth):


After regaining my ability to go down stairs, I started planning my next running project: 10km of Mont Blanc. It’s a part of the Mont Blanc marathon weekend and I could not be more excited. I’ve already been training on trails and doing some faster workouts, which has been a very welcome change. I’m hoping to switch back to marathon mode shortly after Mont Blanc for a race in the fall (and finally break 4 hours).

Now that I’m two weeks into working, hopefully I will get a routine down that allows me to make more posts. Many vegan things to write about 🙂


3 thoughts on “Race Report: Vienna City Marathon

    • Thanks!! It was such a great week, finding out the good news of the job and running in one of my favorite places. The cake felt like a necessary celebratory act 😉

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