VeganOut in Paris: Le Grenier de Notre-Dame

So many good things have been happening that I haven’t had time to write about it! Alexei’s friend visited us in Paris last weekend and I convinced them to try a vegetarian restaurant with me, Le Grenier de Notre-Dame. It definitely did not disappoint and was by far one of my favorite vegan-friendly restaurants so far in Paris. The staff is super friendly (and I heard them speaking excellent English) and the atmosphere is cozy and natural.

Alexei and I shared an avocado appetizer to start while our friend Michel took the Zen formula, which included an un-photogenic, albeit delicious, miso soup.


the avocado appetizer. A yummy start!

Then came the man course, and my eyes almost popped out of my head in excitement. I ordered the macrobiotic plate, which is a mix of veggies, rice, adzuki beans, seaweed, salad and an endive. Honestly, I don’t even usually like endives, but this one was delicious. My only complaint was that maybe the beans were a bit bland, but that tofu definitely made up for it… as did the vegetables. What’s great about the restaurant is that even though the planes are not all vegan, the menu is very clearly labeled “VEGAN” or “VEGETARIAN” and the staff didn’t seem to mind special requests (very rare for Parisian dining).


my giant and wonderful macrobiotic plate

The main course of the zen formula that Michel ordered was essentially the same as the macrobiotic plate, but a smaller portion, presumably to save room for dessert.

zen plate

Michel’s smaller zen plate

I was super full after (almost) finishing that entire plate of food, but Alexei and Michel both ordered dessert. Alexei ordered the chocolate mouse (not vegan) and I tried a bite of it. I have to admit, it was delicious.


a delectable chocolate mouse

mouse top_edited-1

alexe & me

Partners in food crime

Of course, no proper French meal is complete without some wine and the restaurant had a few organic choices which were wonderful.


a bottle of wine to complete the meal

The prices are pretty reasonable for Paris, as the average of the main dish was about €17. For three people with a bottle of wine it came out to about €26/ person.

The restaurant is also open for lunch and you can check out their web site for location, hours and reservations.

After dinner we walked around by Notre Dame some and Alexei took some wonderful night photos…


some people hanging out on the quai by the Seine


a dinner boat passing by Notre Dame

Overall rating: 4.5/5 ; The staff is super friendly, the location is great and vegan options are clearly marked — all for a good price!


11 thoughts on “VeganOut in Paris: Le Grenier de Notre-Dame

  1. That dessert looks amazing! We’re looking to get back to Paris soon (as vegetarians this time) so we’ll have to try this place! Thanks for the details!

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