VeganOut in Paris: Le Puits des Légumes


It’s finally here!! I hope you have been looking forward to this post as much as I have. Things have been a bit depressing lately with the job hunting, so this seemed like a reason to celebrate:

Microsoft Word - Document1

I have to admit I was disappointed that they don’t put your GPA on the diploma.

I have been wanting to go to Le Puits des Légumes for some time now. The name means “the well of vegetables” and the end of another training week also seemed like a good occasion to dive into a plethora of veggies. I should note before I start that it’s not a 100% vegan restaurant and they do serve things such as fish… but overall, it’s very vegan friendly.

The restaurant is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, not far from St. Germain. or Notre Dame. It’s about a 5-minute walk from line 10, metro Cardinal Lemoine. If you plan on going there for lunch, I recommend either arriving exactly at noon when they open (or after 2pm – but who eats that late?) or making a reservation. The restaurant is also open for dinner from 7pm-10pm.

Honestly, I didn’t look at the menu because I had stalked their website and knew that I wanted the “Assiette Complète,” or full plate. It was basically a bunch of shredded veggies, rice and lentils topped with a house-made tofu patty,  which was warm, savory and delicious.

plate 01

There was also some delicious dried fruit & nuts on the plate (I’m a total sucker for dried bananas), which went extremely well with the shredded beet which was hiding out under everything.  Unfortunately the rest of the plate was a little on the bland side,  so I was pretty happy when the waitress came by and brought me their “house vinaigrette” for the veggies.


eh, a little bland…

However, there was a large assortment of condiments to add to your food (first time I have seen nutritional yeast on a table in Paris!):


In the end it was a bit too much food and I only got this far:

plate 02

If I had more room I would have gone for one of their carrot juices, which looked delicious, but honestly I was stuffed to the max. Next time I will go for the smaller “plate of the day.”

Overall, it seems like a good restaurant, but I think I will drag Alexei along with me next time just to be sure. As far as the interior, it seems kind of like a scruffy kitchen mixed with a disorganized library. A lot of vegetarian or organic places in Florida were like this too, so I guess it’s kind of a universal hippie thing. For my next VeganOut, I’m going to challenge myself to find something with a modern & organized décor.

Financial damage:

Assiette complete: €15.00
Water: Free
Tip: €1.00
Total: €16.00

Restaurant info:

Address: 18 Rue Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 PARIS
Website (with menu)
Hours: Monday – Saturday, noon-4pm & 7pm – 10pm

Overall rating:

3/5 — The food was mediocre and the interior decor a little in disarray. There was a good price / quality (and quantity) relationship though, especially for Paris!

*Reader question*: What’s your favorite vegan condiment?


5 thoughts on “VeganOut in Paris: Le Puits des Légumes

    • Great, thanks so much! It’s certainly not the food people think of when they think of France 🙂 Hope some of my recommendations will help with your future trips!

  1. Your diploma is beautiful . . . even if it doesn’t include your GPA. Congratulations! My mommy says it was completely unfair of you to post that lovely picture of your plate just before lunchtime here. 😉

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