Quick & fancy vegan: crunchy quinoa & apple salad lunch


Even if I am really busy or in a rush I still like to enjoy a balanced, nutritious and visually appealing lunch. I think that just because something looks fancy doesn’t mean it has to take a lot of time. Also, I’m a the point in marathon training where my legs are super tired (and when I’m beginning to doubt if running 26.2 miles is even possible), so I am trying not to spend a long time on my feet in the kitchen.

Last week I had some leftover quinoa that I cooked in vegetable stock. I get tired of eating quinoa sometimes and this is a good way to spice it up. I added some chopped up almonds after I reheated it to give it a different kind of texture. Delicious!



As for the salad, I chopped up half an apple and threw it over some salad leaves. I put some pumpkin seed oil on top. Also delicious.

In short, you can make this with the following:

0.5 cup cooked quinoa (cooked in vegan bouillon or plain)
7-8 almonds, chopped
1 boiled carrot (for topping)
sprinkle of paprika, on top

salad leaves – any kind
pumpkin seed oil, or preferred dressing
1/2 red apple, sliced or diced

Serves 1



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