What to eat when your boyfriend supersizes at McD’s

This past weekend in Paris something magical happened – the sun came out! Given this special occasion, we went hiking in the nearby forest of Rambouillet.


walking in the sunlight


a mini-dam at the turnaround point

jumping stick

Alexei jumping over a creek

On the way back, we stopped at McDonald’s and Alexei got a super-maxi jumbo Raclette burger with a side of fries. I assured him he would not be hungry at dinner, but could not prevent the supersizing that ensued.

7pm rolled around and sure enough no one else was hungry. What do you do when your non-vegan roommates/family/friends feast on meat? Make a delicious vegan feast, that’s what! By the way, I recently learned that vegans save 900 animals per year! That’s kind of awesome…

So yes, I made a vegan wrap that I think could be enjoyed at any time of the day:


-Wrap (whatever kind you like, the only thing I have been able to find in Paris is Old Paso… I miss spinach wraps)
-1 small tomato
-3 dried tomatoes (not soaked in oil)
-Hummus (any flavour, I used plain)
-Quinoa (about 1/4 cup)
-Paprika (optional, to give the quinoa some flavor + visual flare)


Reader questions:

1. Do you go hiking? Where is your favorite place?

2. Do you like quinoa? How do you use it in your cooking?


3 thoughts on “What to eat when your boyfriend supersizes at McD’s

  1. Nice post! I like to toss some quinoa into homemade soups. My roomies seem to be okay with that at least… they aren’t fans of it in anything else. 🙂

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