Run like an olympian!

So I’m definitely far from Olympic status, but I felt a lot better this weekend with new shoes!


my new Brooks… letting me run happy!

In fact, my 16-mile long run was nearly pain free after a week of battling an ankle problem thanks to some new Brooks Glycerin shoes! If you are looking for a pair of running shoes or running equipment in Paris, Passion Running is a good place to go! There are two locations on the west-side of Paris and the staff was friendly enough not to laugh (too hard) at my beat-up pair of Asics with 5 billion miles on them. I’m thinking about going back for some compression socks, but have yet to conclude if they are worth the 30 euros or not.


happy after a happy run… and hungry!

Actually, this weekend was one of my fastest long-runs since my post-iron deficiency meltdown. I finished with a pace of 9:07/mi. If I could do that for just ten more miles, I would break a four-hour marathon and PR (current PR is a frustrating 4 hours exactly).

Once I got home, took a shower and ate just about everything in the house, I passed out and took a wonderfully luxurious one-hour nap. Later that night we made some vegan potato salad from a German recipe which I promise to post eventually. I would never think to add apples and onions to a potato salad, but it was delicious:


Questions of the week!:

  1. What’s your opinion on running shoes? Are they important to replace frequently to avoid injury?
  2. Do you think compression socks help with recovery? With racing? Both?
  3. What is your favorite pair of running shoes?

9 thoughts on “Run like an olympian!

  1. I JUST bought some new shoes after running the the same pair for a year..YIKES. My knee PAID the price and I am not swollen..UGHH FML! Love the new shoes. I tried some Brooks, and loved the look..but went back to Asics. They are my strong shoe!

  2. 1. Yes. This is very important. Because of my habbit to walk in my old running shoes, which were way too much worn out, I got plantar fasciitis.
    2. Have never used them. Didn’t feel like I needed them, though.
    3. My favorite pair is Mizuno Insprire 9. All Mizuno shoes 🙂

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