how to get your boyfriend to cook you a vegan dinner

Most weeknights I do not get home until after 9pm, at which time we’re both starving, so usually I try to make or prepare something to cook in advance. Sometimes this involves making the dish and reheating it when I get home, but other times it requires Alexei to do the cooking, and as a steak-loving non-vegan, he usually wants to throw a bunch of meat into the dish.

One night this week I chopped up a bunch of vegetables (parsnips are in season and delicious!) and left some post-it notes instructions:

Chopped sweet potatoes, shallots, parsnips and carrots. Sweet potatoes seasoned with pepper

my interpretation of an eggplant — they seem like they would be visually impaired

broccoli and eggplant in soy sauce

The final product (the rice I threw in the rice cooker when leaving)

happily eating dinner!


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