Le Semi de Boulogne: the unluckiest half-marathon ever (part 2/2)

As I explained in the last post, just getting to the start to this race was a miracle. (I forgot to mention that the bus did not even show up that morning and we had to hurry to the metro at the last-minute). By the start of the race my feet were cold from not warming up (which turned out to be a bad idea) and it actually hurt to run.

At the 5km mark

I felt a little nauseous at the beginning, but that’s not so different from a normal race. By the time I got to the 5km mark, I gave Alexei a “thumbs up” and said “I’m ok!” He looked relieved! I was too and everything was just fine until about the 10km mark. I got a major side cramp. By the 12km mark I had learned to manage it through breathing, but by 19km I was running out of energy.

Waving ‘hi’ at the 16km mark

The last kilometer seemed interminable and I finished at a slow 2h03m. I limped home on the metro, took a nice hot shower and had a nap. It might have been a slow race, but I’m really happy I did it. You never know what can happen if you just try.


–While I was running, Alexei was playing with his camera and managed to take over 700 photos. Here is one of my favorites:

the race leaders having a chat


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