homecoming meal

My boyfriend has been gone for two weeks on vacation in Portugal. Two weeks is a long time to take vacation (at least from an American perspective) and I thought his return warranted a feast (and I ran 10 miles Sunday morning, which also warrants a feast!)

I had been looking for a good recipe and a classmate recently brought to my attention the blog “Deliciously Ella.” The recipes are all so beautiful and simple, that I had been wanting to try one ever since she told me about it. When I saw her recent post, “Roasted butternut squash and pine nut quinoa” I knew I had to try it! Pine nuts are expensive (6 euros for 2/3 cup at Monoprix), but I thought a homecoming/post-long run feast was worth the investment.

Since I had to be at the airport at 1pm and I was back from running at 9 (and still transform myself from “sweaty-nasty” to “sexy-chic”) I prepared the butternut squash and broccoli/quinoa mixture Saturday night.

broccoli and cilantro before they enter the boiling fury of quinoa

finished butternut squash and qunioa/broccoli mixture in the making

The next step was to throw these things together and add the tomatoes and pine nuts. I had about half a handful extra of pine nuts than the recipe and I don’t regret that, they really make the meal. I wish I had another lime to squeeze over it at the end and that I had never added the tomatoes. It still seems to be missing something, but it is a nice warm and healthy vegan dish. Overall, I would give it a B.

Final result:


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