lunch and run

Do you ever wake up and just think, “No thanks.” That’s what I did on Tuesday morning when I was supposed to go for a 40-minute run. By noon I was feeling pretty guilty and decided I would squeeze it in before my evening class (I even managed to get a nap in after!). By the time I finished my morning class and went for a run though it was 2pm and I was really hungry. As a result of a somewhat-failed effort to eat more protein as I increase the amount that I’m running,  there have been lots of beans, veggie burgers and tofu this week.


Here is what I ended up eating after my run: A pre-made veggie burger (Indian flavor – whatever that means), some hummus on a piece of whole-grain bread (which I already ate by the time I got around to taking the photo) and a salad with a mix of greens, delicious pumpkin seed oil from Vienna and some red beans from a €0.67 can that I never manage to finish.


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