Red bean burger flop

After a futile black bean hunt, which resulted in cooking real lamb/beef sausages (I admit, I tasted one and they were actually really good) with a heaping side of broccoli for dinner one night, I decided to continue my quest for an alternative veggie burger recipe. What I found was this:

Quinoa Red Bean and Walnut Burgers.

In the photos it looked oh so delicious and it seemed like a good idea… until I started mashing it together. Then it seemed more like a, “what have I done?” idea. When I flipped the first ‘burger’ it almost completely fell apart.

Alexei encouraged me to keep going even though I was ready to give up and  it turns out the process is a lot like pancakes… the first one is always bad. After that, the burgers started to cook better, browning a bit on each side and mostly staying together. Did I mention we just moved? Yes, I need a spatula.

On top of the burger disappointment my idea to make vegetable chips (with carrots and radishes) didn’t go so well. I thought this would be easy to prepare, so I did not read very much about the method. Turns out that was a mistake, because the ‘chips’ came out more like just baked vegetables.

In the end though, it all tasted pretty good. The mix of flavors in the burgers was borderline “very good” and vegetables are pretty difficult to mess up — another plus of being a vegan.  After thinking about previously used baking strategies (it has been three years since I’ve had an oven), I concluded we needed to use the broiler for a bit after baking them. We tried this with thinly sliced potatoes today and it worked pretty well. Before Alexei left for Portugal we had a ‘potato chip’ lunch feast, which gave me an excuse to use ketchup on something.

As I will still be working, going to school, running and getting ready for Russian classes this week (and since there will be no one else here to cook for) I stocked up on some pre-made Monoprix vegan meals and some fast fruits and vegetables. Tomorrow I’m hoping to go for a one-hour run, to see if registering for the Boulogne-Billancourt half-marathon is a good idea or not.


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